Rustcord is a complete server monitoring system made by Kirollos that links your Rust server with your Discord server. This was ported over to Discord from, and is a replacement for Rust:IRC, which is no longer being developed.


  • Game server joins/quits relayed to Discord.

  • Discord death messages.

  • 2 way chatting between game & Discord.

  • PM logging.

  • Mute logging.

  • Clan chat logging.

  • Various backend server logging.

  • Moderator !mute and !unmute Discord commands.

  • Discord !players command to show players in game.

  • Moderator !kick, !ban & !unban Discord command for your lower staff.

  • Full support for Discord to game console commands for admins.

  • Initialized message lets players know when server is ready to rejoin (wipes/restarts).

  • Admin channel with players' Name/IP/Steam ID.

  • Fully customizable channel output types.

  • In-game /report & /bug commands for reporting issues to admins on Discord.

  • Single bot can handle multiple servers.

  • Built-in chat filter.


Discord Channel Commands

  • !players - Display a list of players in the server.

  • !kick <name/id> <reason> - Kick player from the server with given reason.

  • !com <console command> - Send specified command to server console to execute.

  • !mute <playername/steamid> <time (1s1m1h1d, optional)> <reason (optional)> - Mute player.

  • !unmute <playername/steamid> - Unmute a player.

  • !ban <name/id> <reason> - Ban a player.

  • !unban <name/id> - Unban a player.