Easy Vote is the most advanced vote plugin available. Everything can be customized without knowing anything about coding.


  • Closest reward feature, please see FAQ where i try explain this feature to you all!

  • Players receive a reward every time they vote successfully. You can edit the available rewards in the configuration file.

  • You can make more reward variables by adding new line in Commands json. Commands are just console commands, so this way EasyVote support every oxidemod plugins which have console commands.

  • Add custom reward based how many time player has voted. You can add many as you like custom rewards, there is no limits.

  • Supports Rust-Server.net, Beancan.io, but in Easy Vote 2 you can add other voting API sites by editing config file.

  • Global Announcement - Alert to every player in server. Who and how many time player has voted.

  • And much more!

Chat Commands

  • /vote -- Show vote link(s)

  • /claim -- Claim vote reward(s)

  • /rewardlist -- Display what reward(s) can get