• It provides native NTeleportation support for setting homes and teleport requests

  • Players can be invited being alive (online, sleeping) and dead (not alive)

  • Invited players being not in game get their clan invitation displayed 3 secs after login

  • It supports an optional alliance function for clan interaction

  • Clans have a clan internal friendly-fire protection

  • Friendly fire protection can be optionally extended on allied clan members

  • Clan/Ally chats will display the name of the speaker with their colored clan status

  • Clan broadcasts show any action like invite or demote with the actors clan status color

  • The clan overview shows now also Offline member names

  • The clan TAG min- and max-length can now be defined by config

  • Clan creation can check TAG’s against a blocked wordlist

  • Clan tagging can be optionally disabled

  • It can create/manage automatic Oxide clan groups including their members

  • Old (not updated since x days ) clans can be automatically purged

  • Authorized players can rename existing clans

Chat Commands:

  • /a - chat to allied members

  • /clan - the clan overview

  • /clan help - shows the help

  • /clan ally - shows the ally options (owner or council)

  • /c - clan chat

  • /cinfo - info about other clans

  • /cff - toggles players ff status